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New playlists, Warzone contracts, modes & events for Season 4!

The latest Season 4 update brings some improvements & changes to Modern Warfare and Verdansk - including a variety of in-game events like Fire Sale, Jail Break and Supply Chopper events, in addition to new playlist mode Warzone Rumble.

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So, with the latest update the new Warzone Rumble playlist mode brings 2 teams of 50 players against each other across selective areas of Verdansk featuring "custom loadouts, vehicles, and quick respawns". The update also brings a new Warzone Contact - Contraband in which the player must deliver a briefcase to a marked point for exhil, for rewards such as Cash & Blueprints.

New events in Warzone - Jailbreak releases all deceased players back into the Warzone, Fire Sale offers discounts in the Shop for a limited time, and the Supply Chopper features a heavily armoured helicopter spawn which once destroyed - drops high quality loot!

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