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5 ways to cope with Isolation; some of the handy ways you can get through Quarantine!


Firstly I must say that the current situation is exceptional, for many of us this is a completely new way of life and change can be hard to cope with for a lot of us... We might have to do things we've not had to do before and we might have to consider things that we didn't think had any importance at all!

Even though its a really tough situation, and probably quite scary for a lot of us, it's important that we follow the guidelines set by medical experts and World leaders. Even if you're not at high risk from COVID-19, you could have no symptoms and then pass it to someone who could fall very ill. Its down to us as people to look out for each other. As far as we know, no single person is the cause of Coronavirus, it was reported to have originated in China but it could have theoretically happened anywhere, so it's not fair if we treat any group of people any differently because of this virus.

So, allow me to share with you some of the things I do personally which help me get through the day when I'm stuck indoors or on lockdown.

Number 1: Keep a routine

Now I think this is one of the most important parts of keeping yourself happy & healthy, and for those who live with the effects of poor mental health this is definitely something you should think about. Having some form of routine can start the moment you get out of bed, so set yourself tasks - or if you're a gamer, set yourself "missions". So your first mission could be getting up and brushing your teeth, or making the bed...

Challenge yourself to keep your world moving, even when the world outside stops. An example of my own routine is get up, wash & brush my teeth, and walk the dogs, these little things might not seem a lot, but starting your day off in the right way can make the world of difference. A good routine could mean eating at certain times, doing household chores, or maybe just preparing food for a meal later in the day.

Number 2: Stay Positive, Keep Focus

Everywhere we look it seems to be doom & gloom, and it's hard to escape from Coronavirus on the news and in the media.

Even though it may not seem like it sometimes, we are going to get through this. Humans are a strong species and we have come up against threats like this before and we've come out strong. With so much uncertainty and negativity it can be easy to feel like you're in a deep, dark hole - but try and distract yourself & think about your plans for when this is all over (it won't be like this forever), things will get better and we will get through this together. You should follow guidelines and try to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, but this doesn't mean you need to live in fear - we do need to take guidelines seriously and think of those most vulnerable in society, but as far as we know the large majority of us "healthy" individuals are not at serious health risk from the virus.

Number 3: Entertain yourself

A good way to stay positive through difficult times like these, is to have ways of distracting yourself when you feel like you're going mad. As you might guess, Gaming is one activity I use to distract myself from life when I need to. Playing games, whether on PC, Console or Mobile can be a great way of getting rid of frustration or just helping time pass. As with any hobby or activity, it's important to find a good balance, for example I find I myself can spend hours playing video games but it's easy to ignore other activies or lose out on social interaction. The World Health Organisation have actually supported that Gaming can be a positive way of passing time amid pandemic while we're on "lockdown" & could be good for mental health and one method of staying social.

E-learning courses & how-to guides can be a great way to keep your brain busy and you could even learn new skills, for example you could learn how to bake on YouTube or find guides on topics like car repairs. You could even write articles for our Gaming Blog. Now could be a great time to try new things!

There are a variety of live streams & online content that could definitely entertain you like San Diego Zoo offering live Zoo streams all day, Melbourne Zoo with live cams on many animals and Atlanta Zoo's Panda Cam!

4: Stay Social & Connected

Social media and the internet can be great for lockdown situations like this where physical contact is limited. While we are asked to keep social distance from each other it's important to maintain our relationships with friends and family. Video-calling apps like Skype, Snapchat & Facebook Messenger can be great ways to keep in touch with people, letting you chat almost face to face while still keeping social distance! Many games also allow you to play with friends & family and many can be downloaded for free whatever device you use.

You should try and keep up-to-date with the news, however it's best not to follow the COVID-19 outbreak on TV or social media all day long - mainly because of the large amount of bad news in the media. It's good to know what's going on but it can be very easy to get bogged down dwelling on the bad news and negativity we're hearing on a daily basis. Try and find some positive stories and share them with others!

5: Plan for the future

You might be thinking when will this end? I personally think globally we will tackle the virus but there will be changes in many peoples lifestyles which will be there long-term or even forever. We should remain positive and plan for the future and how we can adapt to changes, taking into account all the things I've mentioned above. Isolation can be difficult for us all but if we keep our minds occupied and try and distract ourselves from the bad in the world then we can get through anything. Don't lose hope, don't be afraid to reach out if you need to talk to someone. Our live stream, chat & gaming forum can be a great way to get involved with a friendly community and we welcome you to get involved on our Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Youtube & Mixer pages!

How are you managing in lockdown? let us know in our community forum!