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GTA 5 announced for next-gen consoles hinting no GTA 6 yet

Rockstar Games have announced one of their next major releases for 2021, which may disappoint some of the Grand Theft Auto fans who are awaiting GTA 6.

GTA Online PS5 Announcement

"As recently revealed at Sony’s PlayStation 5 digital event, the adventures of Michael, Franklin and Trevor are coming to a new generation of consoles, including PlayStation 5, in the second half of 2021. The new generation versions of GTAV will feature a range of technical improvements, visual upgrades and performance enhancements to take full advantage of the latest hardware, making the game more beautiful and more responsive than ever.

And for the massive and vibrant community of Grand Theft Auto Online players worldwide, the journey through the ever-evolving, shared world of GTA Online will continue on to the new generation with more new updates including additional GTA Online content exclusive to the new consoles and PC. There will also be a new standalone version of GTA Online coming in the second half of 2021, which will be available for free exclusively for PlayStation 5 players during the first three months."
says Rockstar.

With a release of GTA V expected for late 2021, fans think it unlikely that 2 titles will be released in the same year and many even expect that we may not see a Grand Theft Auto 6 until at least 2023.

This of course comes as good news for those still playing GTA 5 - adding to its life-expectancy, guaranteeing new content, patches & updates and expanding onto the next-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5, with Rockstar Games hinting that GTA 5 & GTA Online will be improved to match the capability of the next-gen consoles. On current generation consoles Grand Theft Auto is known to run at limited Frames Per Second (FPS) and we're certain the new improvements & available hardware will increase these limits for console player.

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