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Project CARS 3 is coming summer 2020!

Project CARS has been reworked from the asphalt up, and is coming this summer!

The latest installment of the racing series promises overhauls to the online multiplayer mode and also the single player mode in addition to new game features.

The Project CARS 3 Career mode has been rebuilt with the aim of giving players more sense of progression through the game. There are 10 car classes to use and upgrades to unlock, with newly added abilities to customise the car engine, suspension, exhaust and more.

Whether you're playing single or multiplayer you'll earn in-game currency and experience points to progress through the career, with the developer's aim being a feeling of continuous progression. Completing in-game racing challenges will unlock more points and help you move up the leaderboards. Multiplayer also returns in style with the option of Quick Play - jump straight into the racing game action with skill-based matchmaking. Scheduled Event mode - a playlist of developer created games, and a Custom Lobby to create races and tracks however you like!

Project Cars 3 Release

To add to that - 2 completely new tracks are revealed allowing you to race through the streets of Shanghai or weave round the Interlagos circuit of Sao Paulo. Developers say that they've put a lot of work into gameplay and performance including textures & effects, latency in multiplayer modes and game pad controls.

Project CARS 3 is coming this summer...

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