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Tributes paid after death of popular Twitch streamer Reckful

The gaming & entertainment community have today been paying tributes after death of popular Twitch streamer Byron Bernstein - known as Reckful, who has died after taking his own life this week as confirmed by his brother Gary Bernstein. The popular game streamer who had just under 1 million followers is spoke of as a prominent member of the gaming & streaming communities and was hailed a "streaming pioneer" by Twitch.

Streamer reckful dead takes own life
Image Byron Bernstein / Instagram

Right across Twitch, on World of Warcraft and on social & streaming platforms gamers and streamers have been paying their respects, with Twitch and other prominent industry figures posting to pay tribute after the streamers death, which has rocked the industry.

The streamer was popular in the community and many have posted their tributes including his brother Gary Bernstein.

"Byron was someone who talked about his struggles to help make room for others to the same," Twitch said in a statement. The streamer had been open about his struggles with depression in earlier Youtube videos and was known for being compassionate in helping others struggling with their mental health. Former partner Becca called Reckful "amazing" in a blog post.

"We need better support for those with mental needs. I remember Byron telling me how traumatised he was when he had the authorities called on him for being at risk of suicide," she wrote.

"Anyone that knew him knew how much it scared and affected him. This can't be how people feel about the places that should be keeping them safe."

The Xtrafreak community would like to pay our tributes from all of the team, we are supporting the MIND Mental Health Charity