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FPS/Shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The franchise returns for an epic instalment of the long-running, award-winning series. The 2019 release brings one of the best and most cinematic campaigns to date, with a large amount of variety in the immersive missions and choice on how you complete them. From a terrorist siege in the streets of London to nightvision operations in the sandy Azhir caves.

The online multiplayer offers more of the intense, action-packed battles we've come to love from the Call of Duty online mode, with a greater realism in the maps than some of the previous titles, some requiring a more tactical, wary gameplay style with there being more spots for players to camp and with the mount feature allowing a player to peak around objects and corners quickly.

We see some classic maps reimagined but also a range of impressive new map designs suiting all game modes from 3v3 Gun fight to 32v32 Ground War. There's a great selection of weapons, customisations & operators to choose from to personalise your gameplay experience and if you are able to get it the Battle Pass gives you access to more loot with each level tier.

Sound and audio is impressive giving you an immersive gameplay experience & graphics look great even on a mid-range gaming computer!

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