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FPS/Shooter Grand Theft Auto: 5

The action-movie style simulator franchise returns to San Andreas with 3 entertaining new characters we can alternate between through an action-packed story mode, each with their own skills and special abilities that the player can use. We meet Franklin, Michael and Trevor - our 3 'interesting' playable characters and 3 personalities that couldn't be any further apart from each other. Franklin; the ex-gangster, Michael; the ex-bankrobber, and Trevor; the crazy psychopath.

The single player story modes brings you more of the fun, far-fetched missions & side-missions that you'll be familiar with if you've played any of the earlier GTA titles - with Assassination missions available through 'Lester' from a payphone providing a familiar throwback to classic Grand Theft Auto games. While playing through the main story mode you can find plenty of fun ways to kill time or earn money including challenging race modes, killing spree challenges and a variety of mini-games like golf, tennis & even yoga. Die-hard GTA fans will find that many of the mission concepts in GTA V are much like some of those of previous titles in the franchise, but the entertaining characters, immersive graphics & action-packed main story kept us coming back for more each time. We rank the Grand Theft Auto V story mode as one of the best in the series to date and once you've completed the main story mode there's still plenty to do in San Andreas, with one of the final story missions giving you a load of cash to blow on stuff like cars, boats, planes and properties.

New to the GTA franchise as a mode in GTA V, we welcome online mode - bringing the world of San Andreas to life in a whole new way. Once you create your online character you can take to the streets in the ride of your dreams, plan and carry out the 'heist' of the century, invest in the San Andreas stock market and more. GTA V online model gives you an almost endless amount of action - race high-performance cars on demand, battle other online players in fast-faced deathmatch modes, or you can visit the Diamond Casino & Resort and gamble all of your "hard-earned" cash on the roulette tables. GTA V did suffer from some 'teething problems' in both story mode & online when first released, mainly caused by issues with online connectivity, however these were soon 'patched' with updates and fixes.

One major negative point we must note in this review of GTA V is hackers & modders in online lobbies, which loses the game an overall scoring point. In most recent online plays, in most lobbies we came across modders who griefed me and the team and really made the game less enjoyable. Weather was frequently altered by modders, over-powered weapons/vehicles were spawned in unfairly, 'bounties' were placed on whole lobbies and trying to compete in events was mostly wasted time due to advantages modders had. With GTA 5 coming to next-gen consoles in 2021, we think Rockstar Games needs to address these modders in public lobbies as a priority.

Overall we feel that GTA V is a step in the right direction for the franchise and even some years after game release there's a lot of fun to be had from the game! Play it for yourself!

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