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Survival/Shooter Rust (Steam)

Rust, which is currently available on Steam is a survival action game based in an open-world where you can hunt, scavenge, find or steal materials to build & craft a large variety of buildables, items and weapons.

Though PvP orientated there is a large PvE element with various animals and Scientists - a lootable NPC found around the map, and with a large PvP element that can begin with a rock fight as soon as you spawn in, up to intense fire fights with weapons such as the Assault Rifle & Bolt-Action Rifle in the game. The combat system is fun but challenging and it can take practise to master each weapon. Primitive weapons such as the hunting bow can prove deadly even against automatic rifles but a range of body armour can be found in the world & crafted which can be the difference between life, or death by headshot.

Building and raiding is a fun aspect of Rust that you can do on your own or with a team of others - start by building your base to store your materials and then upgrade it to stop them being stolen by other players! With a large playerbase and a combination of both 'Official' & 'Community' servers there's plenty of options for you to play with and lots of different mods & server types.

We first got our hands on this game in Steam Early Access in 2014 and Rust came out of Early Access in 2018, having since expanded greatly as a development team and most recently making additions such as horses which can be mounted as transport, a functional electricity system for traps & base defence, and also ongoing development updates with the main update cycle being once a month. Most servers 'wipe' once a month which usually means the map is cleared of player structures and items, you then start again while keeping the 'blueprints' you researched previously. Rust can be a challenge for new players & learning the game dynamics can take a while - I've always enjoyed playing solo but the world can be easier to survive in with a trustworthy friend by your side. Players you encounter are likely to attack or raid you without warning, so it's important not to get too attached to any item you find or craft in this hostile landscape. Struggling with the game of survival? Check out our guide how to survive in Rust!




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