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We're a team of gamers & enthusiasts who simply enjoy playing games & creating content. We are always on the hunt for Content Creators, Reviewers, Streaming Partners and Gamers - if you'd like to get involved join our friendly Discord or message us!

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• England, UK

PC & Console Gamer - I've been playing video games for over 15 years now and I think that games are good for the mind and the soul! I'm a lover of Shooters, Horror, Survival & Adventure games but I play anything! I started the Xtrafreak community to bring together people who simply want to relax and have fun with like-minded gamers! I create & edit a lot of the video content on and I enjoy making fun & entertaining stuff!

Likes: Animals, Dislikes: Toxic Players!

Discord: Xtrafreak#3386



• Arizona, USA

PC Gamer - Hardcore Call of Duty & Fortnite player with a background in graphics design and also a proud cat owner! I'm involved in creating & sourcing digital artwork for Xtrafreak!

Likes: Junk food, Dislikes: Losing at anything.


• Austria, Germany

Console Gamer - Competitive gamer with a love for Shooting and RPG Games! I'm a content writer working with a few gaming communities like this one and I play & review the latest games helping other gamers to find out about their favorite games before they go out and buy them!

Likes: Fishing, Dislikes: Spiders!

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• Worldwide

Gamers! - Do you think you could become a part of the Xtrafreak team? We are eager to work with people who love gaming, entertainment & technology and there could be a space for you!

Drop in to our friendly Discord channel at or get in touch on the socials and get involved!